8 Steps to Enterprise Mobility Mastery

You hear it every day from your end-users. They need better access to the corporate network while on the go for work. At the same time, your executive team is pushing back, they love the idea of a more productive workforce, they don’t love increasing the budget.

What are you to do?


It’s not going away.


The way forward is to look at the entire lifecycle. To manage all of the end-user, financial and technical aspects of enterprise mobility and get it working well for your company.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how managing the entire lifecycle is the way to get a hold of the constant technological changes, the relentless end end-user requests and the scrutiny of the financial team - at the same time, simplifying the process.

It's not going away.
Let's begin

Understand Your Business – Then Select the Devices

New Tech Strategy

As the Aberdeen Group – Must-Have Capabilities to Optimize Enterprise Mobility points out, best-in- class companies enjoyed a 20% average improvement to the speed of their decision-making after deploying enterprise mobility systems. It’s all-too- easy to start off on the wrong foot. To pick the right solution for much of your mobility strategy, it is vital that you look at your company’s:

  • Business goals
  • Business processes
  • Major challenges


The right devices and OS will be the ones that fit into your current business processes, support solutions for your major challenges and enable you to meet your goals.

For example: take the time to analyze a day in the life of a sales person - how are they using devices/applications when prospecting, presenting and closing the sale? Once you understand the technology that supports business process you can determine required; operating systems, software and applications and device capabilities in the complete lifecycle.

In other words, it’s vital that you put in the time to understand the unique processes in each area of your business before choosing devices.